Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy on how room Temperature affects human behaviour and well-being?

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What do Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy know about how room temperature affects humans?

We were surprised as well to learn that comedians are very aware of how room temperature affects an audience in a stand-up club. In a Netflix special, Eddie Murphy joins Jerry Seinfeld for a special Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to discuss the evolution of comedy from the past to the present.

Accidentally, they have spoken about what affects laughter, what comedians worry about, and no surprise, room temperature affects stand-up performances in a greater way, than you might think.

The dialogue goes:

Jerry Seinfeld: I was just doing some shows in London. And one show I did to warm up to see […]

Jerry Seinfeld: So, I go to this club late at night and they have no air-conditioning and it’s London. And it’s hot.  it’s hot there for some reason. 

Jerry Seinfeld: And comedians know if you go up 1° in temperature in the room,  the laughs go down by 20%

Eddie Murphy: Yeah, yes, sure! 

Jerry Seinfeld: So, I’m pouring sweat, and I’m thinking, they are not going to laugh, because it’s hot. And that’s the thing you worry about [as a comedian]. 


Room temperature & the humidity in the room affects people, their well-being and their behaviour. It’s important to ensure a natural indoor climate and make sure that people feel pleasant at all times.

If temperature and humidity affect what we perceive as funny and how much we laugh – this means it manipulates our tolerance levels. Hence, we feel less at ease if the conditions are not optimal and we feel more relaxed if the conditions are pleasant.

Furthermore, temperature and humidity affect our productivity levels in ways that are beyond imagination – less tolerance to stress, less patience and surely also it can affect the rationality of our decision-making processes.

Watch the dialogue starting at 7:05 and finishing at 7:52 


Watch the entire clip on YouTube: Jerry Seinfeld & Eddie Murphy Debate The Funniest Comedian Of All Time | Netflix Is A Joke 

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